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Bacalhau da Noruega

This week one million Brazilian newspaper readers became familiar with Norway, the homeland of bacalhau. Brazil's largest newspaper "Folha de Sao Paulo" has a million readers in print. Last Wednesday the front page and three full pages of the newspaper were filled with information about Norway and Norwegian seafood.

Norwegian Seafood Council, with support from the Norwegian foreign ministry, recently brought six Brazilian journalists to Norway. In eight hectic days they experienced the Norwegian nature, met with the state secretary of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs and saw all parts the management of the Norwegian seafood resources. In addition they also experienced various types of Norwegian seafood prepared by top Norwegian chefs. The theme for the trip was to follow the life cycle of the bacalhau from the fishing in Lofoten to the production in Ålesund.

- It was important for us to create a program that shows that Norway is a nation that takes care of its seafood resources in a sustainable way. I think we during those days showed the great effort, not to mention the culture and tradition behind the product the consumer buys in the store, says Håberg.

In addition to the journalists from "Folha de Sao Paulo", there were journalists from the newspaper "O Globo", from Brazil's leading TV channel "TV Globo" and from inflight magazine "Tam Magazine" participating in the trip.

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