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Foto: www.livefoynfriis.com.Foto: www.livefoynfriis.com

Foyn Friis ao vivo

A cantora "indie-jazz", Foyn Friis, fará dois shows no Rio de Janeiro.


Confira locais e datas dos shows:

Rio de Janeiro - Santo Scenarium, 15 de janeiro às 20h.

Rio de Janeiro - Fair Lavradio - 17 de janeiro às 17h.


Mais informações da cantaro em inglês:

Live Foyn Friis is a band playing music of singer and composer Live Foyn Friis, indie-jazz with pop, rock and electronica elements. The band have played several concerts outside of Denmark. This summer they were on double tour with John Scofield Überjam Band in Czech Republic at the Bohemia Jazz Festival, and Live has performed with artists like Brian Blade, Thomas Morgan and Bobby McFerrin. Live Foyn Friis has toured in the Nordic countries, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Brazil, New York and LA, and by the new year there going to Africa, South America and China. In 2013 they were on a tour in Germany and played totally sold out concerts.

Their debut album Joy Visible got nominated to Danish Music Awards 2012 for the Best Vocal Jazz Album of the year, and the singer Live Foyn Friis won the prize The Years Young Jazz Composer in Denmark 2012 and was named Denmark’s New Jazz Star!

Quotes about Live Foyn Friis:

”One of the hottest names on the current Danish jazz scene with a recent Danish Music Award nomination and the titleas Young Jazz Composer of the Year 2012.” Kenneth Kristensen, Aarhus Musik Festival

“Irresistible! Live Foyn Friis is a great musician. As a jazz singer, she is simply phenomenal. In addition, her irresistible presence in each line of the text and her enormous charisma on stage.” By Bernhard Hienerwadel, Altaposten

“An expression so strong and so musically that it was clear to all, that here is a female soloist with the world at her feet!” Stardust – Wall of Fame – Jette Lykke

Live Foyn Friis is:

• Live Foyn Friis, vocals & effects

• Alex Jønsson, guitar & effects & choir

• Jens Mikkel Madsen, double bass & choir

• Andreas Skamby, drums

Visit www.livefoynfriis.com 


+ 47 97123485

+ 45 50116361



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